Natural Disaster Information

Who to call

  • If your house is badly damaged and unsafe, contact Lumley immediately.
  • If your house is damaged but safe and you need to make a house or contents claim: 
    • Contact the Earthquake Commission (EQC)
    • Contact our claims team at Lumley
  • If you’ve already lodged a claim under your house or contents policy but there’s been further damage to your property, contact our claims team at Lumley.
  • If your car, trailer, boat or caravan has been damaged, contact our claims team at Lumley.
  • If you need any assistance understanding your insurance cover or accessing your policy details, contact Southsure on 0800 002 002 or email or call our claims team at Lumley.

A portion of the premium you pay for your house insurance is paid to the Earthquake Commission on your behalf as a levy.  So if you have house insurance, you’re covered by EQC too.

If an earthquake or other natural disaster covered by EQC damages your house or contents, it provides cover for each claimable event  - up to $100,000 for your house and $20,000 for your contents.

If the claim is likely to be over cap or larger than $100,000, you need to contact your insurance company – the underwriter of your house insurance policy (that’s Lumley for Southsure customers). Your insurance company will arrange for its own assessors and engineers (if need be) to visit your property in addition to the EQC assessors.

EQC and insurers then work together to resolve individual claims and work out the split or ‘who pays for what’.  The total you’re entitled to claim for will not be greater than your house insurance policy provides for.   Any demolition costs will also need to be covered out of the EQC/insurance payout.

The process can take longer than you might think and depends on how many other claims result from each claimable event, and how complex the damage is not just to your house, but the land and surrounding area. 

But rest assured, we have a ‘fast track’ arrangement with Lumley for Southsure customers, and our claims team now has loads of experience to call on. 

If in doubt about anything, please call us.  We’re here to help.

We’ve learnt a lot through the Canterbury Earthquakes of 2010 and 2011.  Many of our Christchurch team literally ran for their lives on February 22 - seven stories up in a building that didn’t survive. That was just the start of their respective journeys with EQC and insurance claims. 

We understand and we promise we’ll make it as easy as possible to get you through.

Earthquake Commission (EQC)
0800 652 333
Southsure's claim team at Lumley
0800 002 006