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The Government has categorised insurance companies as an essential service during the Covid-19 pandemic, therefore Southsure remains open for business and looks forward to continuing to assist you with your insurance needs.   

If you have any enquiries or concerns regarding your insurance cover our Client Services Team, Claims Team and Insurance Advisers are available to help so please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 002 002 or click on Contact us on the menu bar to send us a message. 

Please take care of yourselves, your family and your community.

Thank you for your continued support at this uncertain and challenging time.

Kindest Regards,

Graeme Edwards

Chief Executive

The Covid-19 Pandemic has no impact on your insurance cover with us. Our insurance policies do not contain exclusions for pandemics.  If you need to make a claim for an event covered by your policy, for example, you are made redundant by your employer or you become disabled and cannot work due to illness caused by the virus then you should contact us.  As with any claim, the eligibility requirements set out in your policy for the type of benefit you are claiming will need to be met.

These requirements are clearly set out in your policy document for each benefit type.

Disability and redundancy claims are subject to wait periods. The wait periods for these benefits vary depending on the type of policy you have. Please refer to your Policy Document and/or Policy Schedule for the wait period that applies to your claim situation.

If you are unable to work because you are ill or are made redundant and remain out of work for longer than the wait period in your policy, you will be able to make a claim.  

  1. The Government Stay at Home Order

Not working because you must stay at home as a result of the Government imposed lock down is not covered. If you are concerned about your employment status or income during this lockdown, we would encourage you to speak with your employer in the first instance.

  2. Other

You will not be able to claim if you are put in quarantine or self-isolation, or are unable to attend your place of work, or cannot work because you are looking after someone else who has contracted Corvid-19. 


Buying tip

Make sure you get the cover you need.  If you're shopping around, compare the policies too and don't be swayed by price alone.

Ways to save

Choose a higher optional excess to save on your premiums. 

Age and package discounts apply.

'Free Look'

There's a 30-day Free Look period so if you're not happy with your policy and you haven't made a claim, you can cancel it and we'll refund any premium you've paid.